Michael Swan

We are delighted to publish Kokopelli, a sequence of poems about the joker god of the Native American pantheon in the South-Western United States, by prize-winning poet and translator Michael Swan.

Jenny Hockey

Jenny Hockey has contributed to several previous editions of morphrog. We are pleased to publish six more gems from this Sheffield poet.

James Piatt

Interesting prose contribution from California-based James G. Piatt

Geoffrey Winch

Another fine contribution by Geoffrey Winch, who has been published in the UK, US and online for more than three decades.

ADW Kerr

We are delighted to publish two poems by Andrew Kerr, who lives in West Yorkshire and is author of the pamphlet “Sweet Talk”

January 2024

In this latest edition of morphrog, we have poems and prose by Michael Swan, ADW Kerr, James G. Piatt, Jenny Hockey and Geoffrey Winch. 

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Submissions are welcomed to: morphrog@gmail.com. Please send your work in a single Word document and include brief biographical notes in the same document and a JPEG photo as an attachment.

Please note that we also welcome visual and audio content.


morphrog is an online journal edited by Jeremy Page and Peter Stewart. It appears twice a year, in January and July. Originally focussed on poetry, morphrog has in recent issues expanded its field of interest to include translations, short prose pieces, photographs and other visual images, narratives of reminiscence, dream and memory, and other creative media. We particularly welcome submissions from our friends across the European Union, and indeed beyond.