Contributors to morphrog23

Many thanks to all those who have contributed to morphrog23. We are delighted to have received submissions from across the UK, Europe and beyond.

introducing morphrog23

morphrog23 has poems from 18 new and established poets.

Photos by Martin Kay

Once again we have used photos by Martin Kay to complement some of the poems submitted for morphrog23. Here is a gallery of some of these images.

J.S. Watts

J.S. Watts has been widely published as a poet and novelist. We are delighted to run two poems and a prose piece for morphrog23.

Marian Kilcoyne

Marian is a poet from the west coast of Ireland. We loved both the poems she submitted for morphrog23, and also their titles: Honeyed Youth and Sea Ghost.

Michael Bartholomew-Biggs

Michael Bartholomew-Biggs has become a bit of a regular in the morphrog tavern, and we are grateful for four contributions by him this time round.

Ian C. Smith

Ian C. Smith writes poetry and prose, he is based in the Gippsland of southern Australia. We are pleased to be able to publish a distinctive and personal prose piece by a talented writer.

Jane Angué

Jane Angue writes in French and English, from the foothills of the Cevennes. We enjoyed her poems, and welcome anything similar that breaks down borders and boundaries. Merci beaucoup!

Jenny Hockey

Delighted to include five poems by Jenny Hockey in morphrog23. Jenny has been widely published already, and her poems are characterised by delicacy and poise built on a bedrock of clearly visualised detail.

Yuan Hongri

Delighted to include three poems by Yuan Hongri in morphrog23. These have been expertly translated by Manu Mangattu. Both English and Mandarin versions are included.

Aaron Rice

As well as his poetry and story-telling interests, Aaron Rice seems to enjoy his wine. Very happy to run his two poems, and to reflect upon his viticultural influences in New Zealand and more recently England.

Alexandra Fössinger

Enigmatic and stimulating poems from a German Italian poet from the South Tyrol.

Angela Kirby

Delighted to have Angela Kirby back with four poems that have unexpected twists and turns, taut humour balanced by unspoken silences.

Anne Marie O’ Brien

Anne Marie O’Brien is a new writer whose poems blend clearly-spoken emotion with ordinary and everyday realities. We found her writing interesting and full of potential.

Daniel Bennett

Daniel Bennett’s poems are evocative of place but have a liminal quality that takes the reader beyond time and location. We are very happy to run five poems by this author, whose poems have recently been reviewed in the Frogmore Press.

DJ Tyrer

We selected two poems from DJ Tyrer, somehow the titles seem loosely linked to the travails of the Covid debacle.

Gregory Dally

Not much that we know about Gregory Dally but we thoroughly enjoyed the mysterious poem that we assume relates to the Ahuriri river in New Zealand.

Guy Martyn

Absolutely loved the selection sent in by Guy Martyn. Humorous, defiant and offbeat, we would love to have run all of them!

Hilary Mellon

“Then suddenly from underneath / poems come spilling out / like a long string of silk handkerchiefs /
until it’s impossible to close the box”. What else to say?

Ian Heffernan

We have selected four poems and some haikus from Ian Heffernan’s submission. The eastern influences give these poems a resonance that feels relevant at this moment.

introducing morphrog22

morphrog23 has poems by 19 new, upcoming and established poets.

morphrog is an online journal edited by Jeremy Page and Peter Stewart publishing ‘poetry in the extreme’. It appears twice a year, in January and July.

July 2021


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Submissions are welcomed to: Please send your work in a single Word document and include brief biographical notes and JPEG photo.



Please note that we also welcome visual and audio content. See below for details.

morphrog morphs again

morphrog has always been “the frog that morphed”. We have tried to keep each issue fresh by keeping things in a state of flux, changing the format regularly, mixing images and poetry, creating synaesthetic content that breaks down formal barriers.

Now we are morphing again. Our focus is still on the poetry, but we also welcome short stories, prose poems, audio-visual content, images and anything in bestween.

As morphrog22 went to press, the UK announced a third period of “lockdown” in the face of a new variant of the Covid-19 virus. Not a great start to 2021, but a timely reminder that change is a law of nature!

Everything — to paraphrase Heraclitus said — is in a state of flow. Let’s hope things change for the better as 2021 evolves.