Contributors to morphrog22

morphrog22 contributors include M.E. Muir, Rodney Wood, Aidan Casey, Robert Ronnow, DJ Tyrer, Ian Heffernan, Martin Rieser, Mark Totterdell, Andy Conner

Robert Ronnow

Robert Ronnow’s recent poetry collections include New & Selected Poems: 1975-2005 (Barnwood Press, 2007) and Communicating the Bird (Broken Publications, 2012). We include his poem Good at Marketing.

Martin Rieser

Martin Rieser has been widely published. We include five of his poems with a painting theme, inspired by works by Lucian Freud, Suzanne Valadon, Gustav Klimt, Henri Rousseau and Rene Magritte.

Mark Totterdell

Mark Totterdell’s published collections are This Patter of Traces and Mapping. We have included two of his poems in morphrog22.

Rodney Wood

Rodney Wood has contributed five portraits of people featured in the Mondo Cane Visitor’s Guide 2019, a contemporary exhibition of humanity. The 1962 Mondo Cane documentary film featured portraits of humankind at its most perverse.

DJ Tyrer

DJ Tyrer is the person behind Atlantean Publishing. For morphrog22 he has submitted poems including Clutter and Betrayed.

Ian Heffernan

We have selected five poems by Ian Heffernan for morphrog22. His poetry has been published recently in the High Window, Ink, Sweat & Tears, Cha, Antiphon, South Bank Poetry, London Grip, Under the Radar, FourXFour, the Moth, Acumen and elsewhere.

Andy Conner

Andy Conner is based in Birmingham and has a long track record of performing his work nationally and internationally. We include three recent poems in morphrog22.

Aidan Casey

Aidan Casey’s poems have appeared in Crossways, Lighten Up Online, the Culture Matters anthology, Pangolin Review and Page and Spine. We inlcude his poem Pieta in morphrog22.

M. E. Muir

M.E. Muir has contributed three poems for the latest issue of morphrog : Dive, Dogfish and First Foot.

Photographs by Martin Kay

Latest photo gallery by Martin Kay. martin has supplied the cover page photo, and also the images accompanying individual poetry submissions.

morphrog is an online journal edited by Jeremy Page and Peter Stewart publishing ‘poetry in the extreme’. It appears twice a year, in January and July.

                                                                                 January 2021


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morphrog is morphing again

morphrog has always been “the frog that morphed”. We have tried to keep each issue fresh by keeping things in a state of flux, changing the format regularly, mixing images and poetry, creating synaesthetic content that breaks down formal barriers.

Now we are morphing again. Our focus is still on the poetry, but we also welcome short stories, prose poems, audio-visual content, images and anything in bestween.

As morphrog22 went to press, the UK announced a third period of “lockdown” in the face of a new variant of the Covid-19 virus. Not a great start to 2021, but a timely reminder that change is a law of nature!

Everything — to paraphrase Heraclitus said — is in a state of flow. Let’s hope things change for the better as 2021 evolves.