Gerald Seniuk is Canadian, retired, and resides in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.



Poems for morphrog26

The Falling Leaves



As they entered the hall,
They would nod and smile,
Sometimes waving to someone
Already seated inside.
Kindness, excitement, happiness,
And friendships were exchanged.

Some were seen to fall, first
To their knees, randomly and gently,
Like leaves wafting from their trees,
Then curling over to be eventually
Removed in a kind of raking
In order to make room
For others still entering the hall,
Smiling, nodding, and waving.

Autumn was always a favourite time
Because of the falling leaves, with
Their wet smell in October’s rain, or
Their September dry crackle underfoot,
Their incense when burned, and
Their fungal earthiness when mixed with dirt.

There is a smell in the great hall as well.
Not of incense and not of earth,
But of something more floral, fresh,
Like Springtime and rebirth.


© Gerald Seniuk