Luigi Coppola’s poetry has previously appeared in The Frogmore Papers (issue 83) since when he has been shortlisted for the Bridport Prize and his publication list includes poems that have appeared/are due to appear in: Anon, Equinox, Fourteen, Gold Dust, Ink, Sweat and Tears, Iota, Lighten Up, Magma, Orbis, Other Poetry, Pennine Platform, Poetry Digest, The Rialto, THE SHOp and South.



Poems for morphrog27

Business Trip


Poetry Set to Music

Luigi Coppola has set a poem published in morphrog 14 to music, with a lyric video:

The original poem is included below:

Business Trip

Neck arched to skylight,
her hand between her breasts,
fingernails crackling against her thumb:
it wasn’t the echoed whispers of the crowd
that muffled her mind; not the torn canopy;
or the broken lift; or the dog-eared pitch
of the quivering throats;
or the policemen barricade;
or the mum shielding eyes
with spread-out finger;
or the hear-no-evil headphoned;
or the shoe that landed before the body –

it was the gliding tie,
the loosened noose,
that seemed to fly forever.

© Luigi Coppola