Another Modern World Has Been Born, Ezra


The assignment was Sons and Lovers.

Contrast, compare, discuss.

Is the story about incest

disguised as the love of flowers?

Read for understanding.


Things unsaid.

When Mama kicks the bucket,

is Sonny finally free of wanting

her obsession in place of grown-up love?

Who wouldn’t want to stay on mom’s insurance?


The Professor is talking to himself

in a sustainable eco-friendly room

filled with wallpaper people,

who raise both their hands, make fists,

and crook their frantic thumbs

back and forth and up and down.


Speak! He commands the crickets,

and idea-filled fingers become frenetic begging.

Pleading prayers of desperation.

My cell! My cell! My kingdom for a keypad!

He laughs at yesterday’s imperfection,

and today’s youthful predilection

to only read the text messages.


© Jenean McBrearty