Vanishing Times


An old man,
With visions contained
In spider webbed dreams
Gleaming through the

Obscurity of a lonelynight
Sits in silence
If it’s time.


A stress mother
In a ghetto
Sits alone
Pondering about life,
Counting her child’s rusting years
As the winter’s wind
And the muted sun’s beams Glance off the
Of another cold morning.

A homeless woman ambles Painfully
Up the street of commerce
Where people
Are busy
Buying unimportant things.
Her cart filled with bottles and Cans to purchase
Cheap packages of food.

A soldier
With only one leg,
One eye
And one arm,
Hobbles along
A grimy city’s alley,
When his
Vetran’s check
Will start coming.

An elderly woman
Sits by herself
In her low-priced apartment Looking through pink sheets
Hung at the windows,
Wondering if her Social Security Check will reflect a $5
Increase this year.

A black family
Sits on a bench
At a bus station,
Leaving for anywhere; after Losing their home
And jobs,
If there is still a future in America As
another Trade agreement is signed.



© James Piatt