Hilary Mellon has been involved in the poetry scene since the early 80s.  She’s read at venues all round the country and judged several poetry competitions.  Her work has been published in over ninety different magazines and anthologies, four pamphlet books and one full length collection.  She runs writing workshops in Norwich.



Poems by Hilary Mellon for morphrog23

The Word Market

Box of Tricks




The Word Market


It’s where they go –

both of them traders

dealing in images


It’s where they meet –

between the creased pages

printed with poetry


And it’s where they sometimes come together –

teetering always on the sharp edge of an extended metaphor

until their words bleed

© Hilary Mellon



Box of Tricks


What comes out first is fuzzy floss

soft to the eye

rough to the touch

scratching at my fingernails

catching me speechless

rapt with amazement

while it slowly unwraps


revealing something transparent

which I fall into

crawl through

slide out the other

side of

It contains nothing

and everything


Then suddenly

from underneath

poems come spilling out like a long string of silk handkerchiefs

until it’s impossible to close the box

And then I realise that this

this is the magic of it

This is your real trick

© Hilary Mellon