Geoffrey Winch was born and raised in Reading, Berkshire and now lives in West Sussex.  His poetry has been widely published in journals and anthologies in the UK, US and online for more than three decades.  In 2011 he was awarded the accolade of the UK’s Best Small Press Poet by Purple Patch magazine. His most recent collection is Coffee at Cockburn’s – a collaboration with Cherrie Taylor (Felworth Books, 2023)



Poems for morphrog28




On this day for pondering
sunlight flickers on the distant sea:
gulls oscillating    maybe

and the whine and roar
of unseen speeding trunk road traffic
is heard mid-distantly

while at the foot of the hill
on which I stand
from right to left sheep slowly graze –
I count a-hundred-and-three

and to the right                 at intervals
rooks flap in their trees
distracting me.

At ten-to-four a single cloud
creeps across the sun –
reshapes itself, creating creatures
caves and plumped-up cushions
while loosening-off its ragged edges
to blue infinity

At quarter-past while waiting
for another cloud I decide it’s time
to change my point of view
(having noted how far the sheep have moved)


© Geoffrey Winch