Contributors to morphrog19

Ian C Smith’s work has appeared in, Amsterdam Quarterly, Australian Poetry Journal, Critical Survey, Live Encounters, Poetry New Zealand, Southerly, & Two-Thirds North.  His seventh book is wonder sadness madness joy, Ginninderra (Port Adelaide).  He writes in the Gippsland Lakes area of Victoria, and on Flinders Island, Tasmania.

David Olsen is a poet, playwright, and fiction writer with a BA in chemistry from University of California-Berkeley and an MA in English and creative writing from San Francisco State University. He was formerly an energy economist, management consultant, and performing arts critic. He has lived in Oxford since 2002.

Currently living in Hertfordshire, Anna Milan is an established copywriter. She has recently rediscovered a love of the way poetry provides a mechanism to share the perspectives of others, and has had work published in Ink Sweat and Tears.

Antony Johae is a retired academic, now writing freelance. His poems have appeared in Morphrog 6, 7, 8, 9,11, 13, and 15, and in two issues of The Frogmore Papers. In 2015 he came out with his collection, Poems of the East. Poetry Salzburg will publish After-Images: Homage to Éric Rohmer in 2019.

Pauline Rowe is a poet, writer and researcher. She has a PhD in Creative Writing from Liverpool University and is currently working on her third poetry collection. She works as Poet-in-Residence at Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool. Her practice includes collaborative projects with photographers and other artists and social engagement in community and health settings.

Jenean McBrearty is a graduate of San Diego State University, who taught Political Science and Sociology. Her fiction, poetry, and photographs have been published in over two-hundred print and on-line journals. Her book, Writing Beyond the Self; How to Write Creative Non-fiction that Gets Published was published by Vine Leaves Press in 2018. She won the Eastern Kentucky English Department Award for Graduate Creative Non-fiction in 2011, and a Silver Pen Award in 2015 for her noir short story: Red’s Not Your Color. She lives in Kentucky.

Robert Nisbet is a Welsh poet who has been published widely in Britain and the USA, where he is a regular in San Pedro River Review, Panoply and Jerry Jazz Musician.

Nisha Bhakoo is a British poet and editor, living in Berlin. She is currently working on a PhD on the uncanny in contemporary poetry at Humboldt University.  Her first poetry collection You found a beating heart was published by The Onslaught Press in 2016. Her second poetry collection White Dream was published in 2018 by Broken Sleep Books.

Charlie Jones is a poet from Merseyside. His poetry has appeared in morphrog, Orbis, Acumen, Honest Ulsterman and The Caterpillar.

George Beddow’s debut collection, Out Of Kilter, was published in 2012 by Lapwing Press and  The Bitter Lemons Of Nerval was published in 2016 by Original Plus Chapbooks.

Marek Urbanowicz has been published in a number of magazines, notably Agenda, The Frogmore Papers and its offshoots. Marek recently completed an MA in Voice Studies at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama and is currently a member of the RADA Elders Company. He is very interested in the relationship between poetry and how it is voiced. He is a well-known Brighton acupuncturist, having qualified in 1979.

Robin Houghton’s third pamphlet All the Relevant Gods (2018) was a winner in the Cinnamon Press Pamphlet Competition. Poems appear in many magazines including Poetry News, The Rialto, Under the Radar, The North & The Frogmore Papers and awards includethe Hamish Canham Prize and the Stanza Poetry Competition.

Bruach Mhor lives in the Hebrides and is transitioning into a seal. His poems have recently appeared in The Lake, Poetry Village, Plumwood Mountain, Emerald (Monstrous Regiment Press)

M E Muir is a Scot living in London, ex teacher and consultant, recently begun to send out and have work printed.

Rodney Wood lives near London, published a pamphlet last year, Dante Called YouBeatrice. In 2018 he was published in Riggwelter, London Grip, Confluence, The Lake, Laldy, The Ofipress, The Journal and The HighWindow, and jointly runs an open mic at the Lightbox in Woking.

Jacquie Wyatt has been published in Ink, Sweat and Tears, Poetry South, Clear, Structo, Golddust, The DawnTreader and Rollick amongst others while reluctantly pursuing a marketing career (lying for a living). She dwells in deepest, darkest Kent.

DJ Tyrer is the person behind Atlantean Publishing, was placed second in the 2015 Data Dump Award for Genre Poetry, and has been published in issues of Amulet, California Quarterly, Carillon, The Dawntreader, Haiku Journal, The Pen, and Tigershark, and online at Atlas Poetica, Bindweed, Poetry Pacific, and Scarlet Leaf Review, as well as releasing several chapbooks, including the critically acclaimed Our Story.