Photo of Anne Marie O'Brien

Anne-Marie O’ Brien started her writing journey after moving to San Francisco shortly after graduating from University College Cork with a BSc in Nutritional Sciences. Anne-Marie has since then written many poems in America, Australia and Ireland inspired by her travels and worldly experiences. She wishes to start sharing her work as an emerging poet. She has performed in plays throughout Ireland. In Melbourne, she performed in short films, a feature film as well as spoken word. It is the stage where Anne-Marie comes alive and she wishes to bring her own writing to life one day too.



Poem by Anne Marie O’Brien for morphrog23

Full Moon



Full moon

Washing dishes, I look out my window to observe the magical event

It is so perfect it does not seem real

Eerie but beautiful

Brightly lit moving fast between the clouds in a dark sky

Quickly disappearing and jumping back out again

Showing off


© Anne-Marie O’Brien