Poem by Aidan Casey: Pietà

Aidan Casey was born in Dublin and studied English and Philosophy at UCD. Since then, he has mostly taught English in Spain as well as developing mobile apps. He has recently returned to writing and his poems have appeared in Crossways, Lighten Up Online, BFS Horizons (forthcoming), the Culture Matters anthology, Pangolin Review and Page and Spine.


Here we go again,

tethered to a bed,

head sunk in your hands,

gotta take those meds!

Can’t escape, can’t escape.

Signs are everywhere,

you think I see them too.

You think I put them there!

The deaf-mute on the ward

talks to you. He talks to you!

You believe what you believe

and I can’t change your mind.

One flew east, one flew west.

There may not be much time.

You walk (for now) you talk (for now).

Ni están todos los que son

Ni son todos los que están.

© Aidan Casey