Collocative Conundrum                                                    


With my yellow pencil
I draw a rainy tail
upon a bushy hill
frothing with fierce flowers.


I tell a steep story
about an exciting lion
basking in sharp water
dallying in the deep day.


© Antony Johae


Dream Riddle


I was at a church I’d not been to before.
It was capacious and the congregation large.
There was a lot of singing and the service went by the book.
At a certain point those around me took out their supermarket salami
and started to consume it.
I got my packet out too and tore at the plastic cover.
The meat looked so lovely and red!
I glanced at the woman beside me to share in this communion
– she had no meat –
and the man next to her stared across at me
with a look that said “Don’t!”
Why then was the congregation eating?
He leaned towards me
cupped his hands
and whispered – “Lent.”


© Antony Johae