Introducing morphrog29

morphrog29 has poems from as far afield as India and Canada

Contributors to morphrog29

In this latest edition of morphrog, we have poems by Sanjeev Sethi, Michael Bartholomew-Biggs, James Owens, J.S. Watts, John Short,, Tom Barwell and Gordon Scapens.

Sanjeev Sethi

Sanjeev lives in Mumbai, India and has authored seven books of poetry. We are pleased to publish three of his poems for morphrog29

Michael Bartholomew-Biggs

Michael is one our longest-established morphrog contributors. Look forward to reading Astrologers and A Little Legacy from Antioch

James Owens

James is a widely published poet who lives in northern Ontario, Canada. We are delighted to run Caretaker and the pilgrim in morphrog29

J.S. Watts

J.S. Watts is a British poet, novelist and short story writer. We are delighted to publish five poems by this intriguing writer.

John Short

John Short is back in Liverpool after a spell living abroad. We have published The Smokers from a selection of his recent poems.

Tom Barwell

josephine and the kirk and the parrot and the submarine are two intriguingly named poems by British poet, psychotherapist and coach Tom Barwell.

Gordon Scapens

We are pleased to publish four poems my morphrog stalwart Gordon Scapens

July 2024

In this latest edition of morphrog, we have poems and prose by Sanjeev Sethi, Michael Bartholomew-Biggs, James Owens, J.S. Watts, Tom Barwell, John Short and Gordon Scapens. 

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morphrog is an online journal edited by Jeremy Page and Peter Stewart. It appears twice a year, in January and July. Originally focussed on poetry, morphrog has in recent issues expanded its field of interest to include translations, short prose pieces, photographs and other visual images, narratives of reminiscence, dream and memory, and other creative media. We particularly welcome submissions from our friends across the European Union, and indeed beyond.